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Marquetry Inlay strips These are strip over runs and left overs from customers. Some have small line flaws or color variances. Ranging from backstrips, binding to inlay banding, they are a bargain!
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Zipper pattern inlay strip

Zipper pattern  maple/black/maple 24/20/12 x .130″ x 22.5″, Overall dimensions: W= .235″ - .245″  T= .130″ L= 22.5″

Item Number: SP505

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Zipper pattern backstrip

Black fiber/Maple 20/20 Zipper w/ Blk fiber 20 / Mpl 10 outside x .080″ x 22.5″, bundle of 15 pcs.

Item Number: SP486

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White fiber

White fiber .030″ x .200″ x 22.5″, bundle of 100 pieces

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White is "off", slightly yellowed

Item number: SP023

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Washburn-style backstrip

Mpl/Wal/Blk fiber Washburn pattern strip, .180″ x .120″ x 35.5″, bundle of 18 pcs.


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These strips are perfect for a backstrip and end graft purfling. Strips do not bend easily so are better suited for inlay material.

Item Number: SP568

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Washburn Style Checker Purfling Part A

Washburn Style Checker Purfling Part A - B/Mpl 10/20 Outside / Rope -BMpl (.020″ fine) x .035″/Squares -Mpl/Wal/B .060 x .040″H. x .085 x 34.5″, bundle of 24 pcs.

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minor defects

Item Number: SP039


This product has sold out.

Walnut and white fiber roping

Walnut and white fiber roping,  (.110) with black .015″ on both sides x .060″ x 34.5″, bundle of 31 pcs.

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***PLEASE NOTE*** Some strips may have minor flaws such as a rough outer edge or white accent lines that appear thinner than others.

Item Number: SP507

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Victorian ladder pattern

Rosewood/maple ladder pattern with red and black accents in core, exterior lines consist of red maple and veneer and black fiber - Bundle of 15 strips

Dimensions: .040” x .375” x 36”

Whoops! We accidentally left out the maple accents in the core.

Item Number: SP171

Price: $35.00
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Tortoise celluloid strips

Tortoise, .060″ x .250″ x 60″, bundle of 41 pcs.

Item Number: SP468


This product has sold out.

Tortoise celluloid strips

Tortoise celluloid (.060″) w/a clear protective laminate (.010″) on one side, overall dimensions .070″ x .250″ x 33″, bundle of 50 pcs.

Item Number: SP504

Price: $50.00
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Spotted Ebony binding

Spotted Ebony, .075″ x .250″ x 26″, bundle of 46 pcs.

Item Number: SP499

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