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Architectural components


steel and wood furniture inlay

Do you want to make your project really stand out?

We offer architectural accents to make your project unique. Strip, inlay or engraved accents can tie separate or divergent components together to make a large project flow beautifully.

inlayed steel and laser engraving


custom Gurian furniture strips, inlay banding
inlayed bamboo marquetry
custom Gurian furniture banding
CNC on floor medallion

Steel and Corian Floor Medallion

Stainless Steel and White Corian Floor Medallion

30″ custom White Corian floor medallion with inlay of Stainless Steel for Serenity Builders

With both laser and CNC milling we can offer detailed, quality marquetry and engraving, panel art and inlayed surfaces.

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clock face custom clock with inlay
clock face and case with inlay



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