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Ordering and Shipping


Minimum orders

There are no minimums for web store purchases.  Our minimum order for wholesale or custom order purchases is $200 plus shipping.  Design and drawing fees will apply to the minimum order amount. Please contact us if you wish to place an order that is below the minimum.

Custom strips orders:

We require a formal purchase order for all custom strip orders!
We have a $200 minimum order requirement AND a “single layup” or “board” minimum. All of our strip orders are based on the cutting of a 5-3/4″ to 6″ wide laminate, veneer or board, called a “layup”. We require that you purchase the entire layup. The yield of a given layup is dependent on the width (or height) to which the strip, binding or purfling is cut. When we use the terms “white” or “black” we mean white fiber (not maple), and black fiber (not ebony or black-dyed veneer.)

Other standard items:

  • Bridge pins and end pins are sold by the gross (144 pieces). The minimum order is 1/2 gross except for mammoth or bone pins, which are sold by the piece.
  • Fret files and burr sets are sold with a minimum order of 50 pieces.
  • Pickguards are cut from full sheets of material so the pickguard shape and size determines the minimum.

Custom laser and CNC work:

Please submit artwork or pictures detailing your design, or mail us a sample piece to work from. We prefer .dwg or .dxf files but we can convert most vector file types. For headplates we offer our “graphic layout specsheet (.PDF)” as an additional tool.

From these, we will generate a clean drawing for your approval, and then cut a first article for you to see in-hand and approve as well. We can give estimates on price, but can’t give a firm per piece price until we cut the first article.

This process can incur several one-time fees for drawing, design and for CNC toolpath programming. You will be responsible for these fees at the time that we send out the first article for final approval. This process can often add an additional week or more to the production time, so please, PLAN AHEAD. There are also minimum yield requirements on these items which differ depending on design.

Drawing files may be emailed to

Production time and shipping:

We will assign numbers to all items that we sell, so if you know the item number from a previous invoice, it is always helpful to provide that when ordering. We can also provide you with a list of item numbers in your order history upon request.

We request 6 weeks minimum for filling custom orders, plus shipping time, so again, please PLAN AHEAD. We do understand that emergencies and deadlines occur, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. Please be aware that “special” designs such as herringbones, roping, chevrons and ladders as well as custom rosettes will generally take a little longer to manufacture than other items.

We are closed the first week in July and the week between Christmas and New Years; there may be additional lead time required surrounding these closings. We will post specific dates for these closures as the dates approach.

Please try to be as specific as possible when placing your order. We will always email you a confirmation sales order when you place an order. Please be sure to check your orders for accuracy. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours (regular business days) of placing your order, please contact us as it may not have been received.  Please do not pay from the sales order. We will send you a separate invoice when the order is complete. The sales order does not include shipping charges, and yields are often estimated, so your actual total is often slightly different from the estimation. Ship dates are also estimated. If you do not specify a ship date we will assign one approximately six to seven weeks from the time of order.  If we are able to complete your order before that, we ship it as soon as it is ready.

If you need your items within a certain time frame please be sure to let us know.

Washington state residents:

If you are a wholesale customer or Washington State reseller, you must provide us with a copy of your current reseller’s permit in order to waive Washington State sales tax.


All new customers are placed on either “prepaid” or C.O.D. status for their first five orders, after which they may request to be put on terms.

Standard payment terms are net 10. We require payment in full no later than ten days after you receive your goods. We do not process credit cards directly but offer Paypal as an option to international customers only.  International customers are always prepaid. If you choose to pay by wire transfer you agree to “pay all charges” when you process the transaction and we also charge an additional $30 fee for our bank charges. Sometimes there are third-party fees associated with bank transfers also, and you must agree to be responsible for these charges should they occur.

If you are on prepaid status and we complete an order for you, you must agree to pay for the goods within 30 days of order completion.


We use UPS ground for shipping unless otherwise instructed. We are able to send you tracking information if requested.  If you have your own UPS account we are happy to ship to you freight collect but we still charge a $3 handling fee. We can also ship freight collect on your FedEx account but only via air as we do not have FedEx ground pickup here.

International orders:

We currently ship to customers in Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, England, Scotland, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.  We can ship to other countries subject to your international regulations.

We require prepayment for international orders.  You may provide a credit card via our shopify store, send a wire transfer, bank draft, or mail a check.

Some items may be subject to import and/or export regulations.  If your order contains items such as Dalbergia spp. (true Rosewoods, including Cocobolo) or Mother of Pearl or Abalone, a special permit is required.  We are certified to ship those items, and it will be your responsibility to ensure you have the proper permits to receive them.  A new permit process may take several weeks. If you do not have your permitting in place, your order may be confiscated by your local authorities or may be subject to storage fees while your permits are obtained.  Contact us if you have any questions regarding these regulations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms and policies as outlined here.